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TOPIC: Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations

Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 4 months 5 days ago #5739

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Take a bonus dice Paul for your efforts, always look forward to reading them
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 4 months 5 days ago #5741

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Me too! :cheer:
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 3 months 4 weeks ago #5766

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Sorry Scott and all. Can't make it tonight.
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 3 months 4 weeks ago #5768

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Thursday 24th January 1923 continued…

Gremanci Family: Makers of dolls and automatons. Gremanci dolls are popular with Venetian children and touritsts. French troops, as far back as 1797, purchased dolls to send back to their families at home, resulting in Gremanci goods becoming popular in Paris.

In 1630 an Alvise Gremanci was investigated by the secretive and terrifying Council of Ten (inquisitors) for allegations of witchcraft after an anonymous letter was deposited in the Bocca di Leone (Lion’s Mouth) in St. Mark’s Square. He was accused of creating dolls in the likeness of political enemies and burning them. The Council of Ten found no truth in the matter.

Police Station (Mario Rossi): We attempt to gain access to the morgue to view the body of Mario Rossi. We are denied entrance but the desk officer does allow us to view the police report. His body was lofted up and impaled on a 10ft iron railing, throat torn and drained of blood. He was exsanguinated before impalement. Photos of the deceased’s wounds suggest the throat injuries were from claw-like lacerations (not bites).

Police Station (Anselma Morietti): Miss Morietti , Mario Rossi’s fiancé, is still in police custody. Ludwig’s credentials gain us access. We are not allowed to enter her cell, but viewed her through the hatch of the cell door. She is crazed: Rocking, twitching, screaming and clawing at herself. Her only coherent words, according to police – is that she has seen Satan. She notices us –throws herself against the cell door and bites through her own tongue. Her mouth pours with blood. We are asked to leave.

Atmosphere: An air of hysteria is building in Venice. The black canal waters have reportedly caused deaths. There is religious mania and talk of plague. Looting, robbery and assault is spiralling out of control. People are attacking each other; hurling victims into the canals. Priests have been seen exorcizing people being held down by mobs. An epileptic was stabbed during a fit.

Gremanci Factory: We head out after dark by water taxi (being charged a king’s ransom for the transport) to the Campo de La Bambino in the Cannaregio district. Smoke rises above the city. A glow of fire lights the sky. We witness terrible scenes of disorder and hear animal howling on the way. The district is a decrepit slum. Many buildings have boarded-up windows and doors and the air smells of ages-old industry. Old war veterans huddle in the dark alleys and the plaza. They appear destitute, bereft of hope and are inflicted with the scars and amputations that the war dealt to them.

We force entry to the Gremanci factory. Inside are many untidy workstations and an office. Inside the factory office, we search through the many ledgers and records. We discover a ledger for 1916-1818, much thinner than other records due to lack of materials, lack of workers and lack of output during the war period. Highlights of what we discover include:

•In December 1917 Marco Gremanci receives a telegram dated 22 November informing him that his grandson, also Marco Gremanci, was missing in action at Mount Grappa.
•Entry for 29 December 1917, a blizzard rages above Venice. An odd freak of lightening struck the campanile of the Palazzo Rezzoniani. Marco resolves to check on his old friends in the clock tower to check they are okay.
•Entry 15 January 1918, Marco (snr) has had a painful flare up of arthritis in his left leg. This has not happened before.
•Entry 15 March 1918, Marco (snr) reports that Signor Rezzoniani has died.
•Entry 09 April 1918 (in a different hand), Grandfather Marco died this day of old age, pain and grief.

Friday 25th January 1923

Morning: Venice awakes to the smell of smouldering buildings, pungent incense from churches and the sound of army boots marching in the streets. In the hotel there is fewer staff available to serve breakfast and they have all become curt and aloof. No papers published today. The Hotel Manager coldly urges us to leave Venice.

Palazzo Rezzoniani: We head directly to the Palazzo. Smog hangs in the air, screams emanate from alleyways and burning buildings. Religious mania hits fever pitch. Many Venetians are self-flagellating in the squares on their way to churches that reek of incense and are already filled with panicked worshippers.

The Palazzo is a wonder of architecture with a striking façade facing the canal. The door knocker is held in the mouth of a venetian winged lion. The caretaker, Nonno Fidele, answers. There are unsurprisingly, in view of the chaos in Venice, no visitors today – but for a handful of lire Nonno relents and we are admitted. The courtyard of the palace has a grand display of statuary – but nothing that interests us. We turn our attention to the clock tower, as we look up, the clock strikes the hour and to accompany the chimes a procession of automatons appears from a recess and moves across the clock face disappearing into a recess on the opposite side. The automatons are a Venetian winged lion being chased by a soldier; representing the surrender of Venice to the French.

Portents: We realise we’ve seen all this before – in Dream Lausanne. On the way to the trial of Edgar Wellington we had witnessed chaotic scenes in the streets. We witnessed a procession of flagellants, weeping tears of blood from emotionless china-blue eyes like a doll’s, bells are chiming and there is the smell of incense. Some of the flagellants are dressed in the likeness Death and of a lion and a soldier. The lion sprouts wings and flies as the soldier chases. These things we witnessed in Dream Lausanne were portents of our experiences now, in Venice.

It’s time to get what we came for and depart Venice while we still can.
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 3 months 4 weeks ago #5769

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Reproduced from Scott's account of our visit to Dream Lausanne. Re-posting it in case any more of it concerns us next week. And there's lots more to read in Scott's account - could there yet be more portents

Event 2: A group of grotesquely clothed people passes, masked and cowled, costumed as Death, an Angel, a medieval Soldier, a Lion, a Turk, an Assassin, and a Rustic looking man and woman. They are flagellants who wind in procession through the chaos, weeping tears of blood from startling, expressionless, china-blue dolls’ eyes. They chant in Latin as they move, and the reek of incense and a distant cacophony of bells follows them. As the bells reach a crescendo, the Lion figure sprouts wings and flies away, closely pursued by the Soldier. Their bloody tears fall on the investigators from above and scald them. Pierre advises here that a winged lion is the symbol of Venice, a city which surrendered to a soldier, Napoleon, in 1797.
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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Horror on the Orient Express - All Rotations 3 months 3 weeks ago #5773

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An excerpt from the diary of Pierre Boudon-Noir, hastily written in a shaky hand with sepia toned ink. The text is small, rushed and feverish, feverish like the city of Venice.

Friday 25th January 1923

Diary of Pierre Boudon-Noir

It has been four nights now in Venice and the city has turned to madness. My nights interrupted by the terrible sounds of depravity that have taken over the city since our arrival. When I do manage to sleep, my dreams are haunted by my time in the war. They call it the great war but I do not remember it being so. In my dreams I am back in Egypt, where the British had turned the country into a great teeming hospital. In those days Cairot had two cities of the dead. Wounded by shrapnel I remember being bed bound, nursed back to health in that sweltering heat. Its in egypt I acquired my ankh necklace although for the life of me I cannot remember from where. It seems from that day I made a recovery and devoted myself to antiquities. It has been cathartic to start writing again, writing always soothed me and I feel in the ensuing tide of gloom thats to come perhaps these few words will be all I remembered by.
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Garuda - Thu 19 May - 17:25

Sorry Ravenlanders, unable to make it tonight. See you next week.

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:51

lol, just realised party will be down both clerics, mwahahaha. :D

mikeawmids - Thu 19 May - 14:48

Thanks for the heads up. Have a good trip! We still have four players, so I think we are still good to game tonight.

Val - Thu 19 May - 13:37

Sorry Mike I won’t be going tonight either I will not be there next week either.

Bane - Thu 19 May - 10:20

Stonehell guys, I have to finish packing tonight, so I shall be bowing out for the next three weeks, see you guys on the 9th of June.

Inept - Wed 18 May - 22:53

as mentioned last week not around this week, being wined and dined by a client... (and possibl squeezing more jobs out of them!)

Inept - Thu 5 May - 22:14

apologies Ade, test positive for covid at 6.45, retested and still positive. No roleplaying for me tonight and no site visit tomorrow. have a good game

moc - Thu 21 Apr - 18:47

Still in Weston-super-Mare. Gobineers don't settle for meat platter. Demand KFC ! See you next t week

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